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For over 20 years, Aeromet has been providing their highly-respected visible emissions certification program (smoke school) throughout the United States.  Aeromet uses industry-leading technology to save you time and money over traditional smoke schools.

Smoke School Lecture CD

Aeromet developed the first smoke school lecture CD to replace the traditional classroom lecture.  Our smoke school lecture CD covers all aspects of visible emissions observations and includes all forms for making your readings.  View more info about our smoke school lecture CD.  

Fast & Efficient Certification

Thousands of hours have been spent researching and implementing changes to make your smoke school more efficient.  Aeromet builds accurate and stable smoke generators that eliminate the guessing game with traditional smoke schools and minimize downtime.  We educate you and practice before the test to build your confidence and skills.  We’ve even developed a proprietary grading system to minimize your wait time.  All of this translates to a smoke school that usually takes less than ½ day.  Of course, we will always stay until you pass.

Trusted, Audited EPA Method 9 Certification

Industry and regulatory officials rely on the integrity of an Aeromet smoke school certification.  We operate all smoke schools in accordance with EPA Method 9 guidelines and retain all records for a minimum of 10 years.  We have requested and successfully undergone a Federal smoke school audit.  

After Smoke School Support

As an Aeromet client, you will have full access to our in-office support team to help you with any questions related to performing visible emissions observations.  

If you have any questions about our visible emissions training program or need additional information, please call us at 573-636-6393 or check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions

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