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Smoke School Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other names for 'smoke school?'+
How long is EPA Method 9 certification valid in my state?+
Do certification requirements change from state to state?+
Is my certificate valid in another state?+
Has AeroMet’s smoke school completed a Federal audit?+
Is there a lecture requirement in my state?+
How long do I need to observe opacity at my facility?+
How often do I read opacity at my facility?+
What is the opacity limit at my facility?+
What do I do if my observations indicate our facility is out of compliance?+
How do I get certification for EPA Method 22?+
How do I get certification for EPA Method 203a, 203b or 203c?+
How much time will I need at the smoke school field event?+
How are some smoke schools 2 days long and yours is only ½ day?+
What happens if there is inclement weather?+
What do I need to bring to smoke school?+