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How AeroMet's Smoke School Program Is Unique

AeroMet has been providing respected EPA Method 9 certification throughout the U.S. and Canada for over 25 years. Through innovation, we have been able to increase the quality of training while reducing the client time and expense. Below are some of the reasons we are unique.

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Online Lecture Program

Our online lecture program replaces the traditional classroom lecture and can be completed at your own pace on any computer or tablet. The content is comprehensive and engages the student with photos, videos, quizzes and interactive forms.

Click here to learn more and to see samples from the program.

Free Post-Certification Support

If you have any questions about visible emissions observations, just call or email and one of our knowledgeable team members will assist you.

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Stable Smoke

Stable, Accurate Smoke

We didn’t like the accuracy of the traditional smoke generator, so we spent 8 years developing our own. Our entire fleet now consists of these computer-controlled generators. They produce stable smoke values that eliminate the guessing associated with antiquated smoke generator designs.

Stay Until You Pass

Due to our stable smoke and quicker test runs, most schools are completed in 1/2 day. However, we always stay until you certify.

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Federally-Audited EPA


We requested and successfully passed a Federal Audit of our entire smoke school program.

Respected Certifications

We do not give out hints during a test, nor is our test easy. We train you until you are confident and then we test your abilities. We feel our clients are the best smoke readers in the country.

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Lowest Certification Cost

Lowest Certification Cost

Our custom smoke generators, online lecture program and other innovations have made us very efficient. We pass this efficiency to you by offering a low certification cost of $200/person.

Easy Registration & Payment

You can register online, by phone or by fax. And we accept all forms of payment. We can even invoice you after you attend smoke school.

Easy Registration & Payment

The Certification Process

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Step 1:Review Online Lecture Program

Our online lecture program will cover everything you need to know about observing visible emissions and properly documenting your readings. Info about our lecture program can be found here

Attend a Smoke School Field Event
Step 2: Register for a Smoke School Field Event.

AeroMet has an extensive schedule of public smoke schools throughout the U.S. Public smoke schools are open to anyone and are held every 6 months to ensure your certification doesn’t expire. Our full schedule can be found here

Attend a Smoke School Field Event
Step 3: Attend a Smoke School Field Event.

During the field event, our instructors will demonstrate various levels of opacity using a custom smoke generator. After your eyes have been calibrated, they will run practice tests until everyone is ready to take the certification test. AeroMet will run certification tests until everyone passes.

Step 4:Re-Certification

To maintain your certification, you must pass the field certification test every 6 months. This is why we return to each field event location every 6 months.

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