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A Better Smoke School Experience

For over 25 years, AeroMet has been providing respected EPA Method 9 certification throughout the U.S. and Canada. Through innovation and great clients, we have become the largest smoke school provider in the nation. Check out this video to see how we're unique.

AeroMet's Smoke School Training Program

Aeromet has been providing quality visible emissions training for over 25 years. Our innovative EPA Method 9 certification program is thorough, efficient and unique in many ways.

  • Online Smoke School Lecture

    Our online smoke school lecture replaces traditional classroom lectures and builds off the success of our multimedia lecture that has been in use since 2004. You can review the lecture at your own pace from any computer or tablet.

  • We Stay Until You Pass

    Our smoke generators are custom-built using modern electronics and computer controls. We are confident in their accuracy and our ability to train students.

  • Free Post-Certification Support

    If you have questions about opacity observations or EPA test methods to observe visible emissions, just call or email our support team and we'll be happy to help.

  • Respected Certifications

    Our smoke school program successfully passed a Federal Audit and is the choice of industry professionals and regulatory agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Public or On-Site Smoke Schools - Which is Right for Me?

Public Smoke Schools

Public smoke schools are located throughout the U.S. and Canada and can be attended by anyone. The registration fee is $275/person for the field test. Generally, groups of 10 or less attend public smoke schools. Public smoke schools are scheduled every 6 months to ensure certifications do not expire.

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On-Site (Private) Smoke Schools

On-Site (Private) smoke schools are held at client facilities and are not open to the public. They are generally cost-effective for groups of 10 or more. Similar to a public smoke school, we can schedule the on-site school every 6 months to ensure certifications do not lapse. On-site schools are operated in the same manner as public schools except the start time(s) and number of testing days can be adjusted to meet the client's needs.

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AeroMet's Smoke School Referral Program 50/50 Referral Program

Simply refer someone to one of our public smoke schools. You receive a $50 gift card - they receive $50 off of their registration!
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