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Texas Smoke School Information

Currently, Aeromet does not offer a public smoke school in Texas. However, we do offer smoke schools in states adjacent to Texas.

About Texas' Smoke School Requirements:

Texas is the only State that has a requirement for a traditional classroom lecture. Aeromet is the only provider that has developed an online lecture program that replaces the traditional classroom lecture. Our online lecture program covers all aspects of EPA Method 9, 22, 203a, 203b and 203c and uses engaging content and quizzes to enhance learning.  Because we do not formally set-up a classroom lecture, we do not meet the definition of Texas' current lecture requirement. Although we could set-up a classroom setting, we feel this would be taking a step backward and adding unnecessary cost and time to our clients. Due to the effort we have made in making your smoke school experience as efficient and thorough as possible, we will not be taking the steps to meet Texas' requirement at this time. We strongly encourage you to contact TCEQ to voice your opinion on this antiquated requirement.

Texas & Surrounding Area Smoke Schools