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Gift Card Drawing For Public Smoke Schools

To show our appreciation for your patronage, we will have a drawing for each public AeroMet smoke school.  The drawing will be for a $50 Amazon gift card.

Registration in the drawing is easy and automatic - just register for any AeroMet public smoke school and pass the certification event. A winner will be drawn within 10 business days of the event.  If you have won, please click the “Claim” button next to your name.

Date Location Gift Card Winner
Jul-25-2019 Tampa (Gibsonton) , FL Warren Wider Claim
Jul-26-2019 West Palm Beach (Lake Worth) , FL Jeremy Ortiz Claim
Jul-29-2019 Orlando, FL Alia Salim Claim
Jul-30-2019 Gainesville (Alachua) , FL Ron Vieux Claim
Jul-31-2019 Tallahassee (Tallahassee) , FL John Shealy Claim
Aug-13-2019 New Orleans (Westwego) , LA Frankie Provost Claim
Aug-14-2019 Lake Charles (Sulphur) , LA Ryan Giggar Claim
Aug-15-2019 Shreveport (Bossier City) , LA Nathaniel Nelson Claim
Aug-28-2019 Cartersville (Adairsville) , GA Aaron Hall Claim
Aug-28-2019 Lexington, KY Brian Profitt Claim
Aug-29-2019 St. Louis, MO Brandon Speed Claim
Aug-29-2019 Perry, GA Sierra Barr Claim
Aug-29-2019 Louisville, KY James Mack Claim
Aug-30-2019 Atlanta (Stockbridge) , GA Eric Austin Claim
Aug-30-2019 Evansville (Evansville) , IN Terrance Kissel Claim
Sep-03-2019 Magnolia, AR Brian Miller Claim
Sep-04-2019 Hannibal, MO Julie Ingoli Claim
Sep-04-2019 Oklahoma City (Del City) , OK Cassandra Weaver Claim
Sep-05-2019 Fort Smith, AR George Merritt Claim
Sep-05-2019 McAlester, OK Ken Baker Claim
Sep-05-2019 Rolla, MO Jeff Pyrtle Claim
Sep-06-2019 Springfield, MO Steven Brown Claim
Sep-06-2019 Pryor, OK Godfrey Wanyama Claim
Sep-10-2019 Atlanta (Stockbridge) , GA Neil Perkins Claim
Sep-10-2019 Jonesboro, AR Ronnie Black Claim
Sep-11-2019 Perry (Perry) , GA Steve Heath Claim
Sep-11-2019 Roanoke (Salem) , VA Barry Moorefield Claim
Sep-11-2019 Sikeston, MO Darnell Furlow Claim
Sep-11-2019 Little Rock (North Little Rock) , AR Jonathan Hill Claim
Sep-12-2019 Richmond (Varina) , VA Andrew Allen Claim
Sep-12-2019 Adel, GA Sean Barker Claim
Sep-12-2019 Tulsa, OK Corey Merritt Claim
Sep-12-2019 Festus, MO Stephen York Claim
Sep-13-2019 Savannah (Savannah) , GA Jason Allen Claim
Sep-17-2019 Savannah (Savannah) , GA Caine Leuschner Claim
Sep-17-2019 St. Joseph, MO Kevin Hankins Claim
Sep-17-2019 Cincinnati, OH Liam Curtin Claim
Sep-18-2019 Topeka, KS Jesse Schlegel Claim
Sep-18-2019 Columbus (Dublin) , OH Marcus Miller Claim
Sep-18-2019 Augusta (Evans) , GA Alex Warren Claim
Sep-19-2019 Kansas City (Independence) , MO Roger Grant Claim
Sep-19-2019 Milwaukee (Racine) , WI James Depew Claim
Sep-19-2019 Cleveland (Parma) , OH Lincoln Fiscus Claim
Sep-19-2019 Columbia (Lexington) , SC Cody Lovett Claim
Sep-20-2019 Springfield, MO Joseph Horton Claim
Sep-24-2019 Rochester, MN Mike Sather Claim
Sep-24-2019 Wichita, KS Chris Unruh Claim
Sep-25-2019 Mason City, IA Clint Payne Claim
Sep-25-2019 St. Louis, MO Patrick Hardy Claim
Sep-25-2019 Buffalo (Hamburg) , NY Danielle Bastian Claim
Sep-26-2019 Chanute, KS Jon Heistand Claim
Sep-26-2019 Baltimore (Owings Mills) , MD Andy Horn Claim
Sep-26-2019 Des Moines (Clive) , IA Jeremy Taylor Claim
Sep-26-2019 Syracuse (Fayetteville) , NY Lisa Clark Claim
Sep-27-2019 Philadelphia (Chesterbrook) , PA Terry Lance Claim
Sep-27-2019 Albany (Saratoga Springs) , NY Aileen Daley Claim
Sep-27-2019 Jefferson City, MO Ryan Ortbals Claim
Sep-27-2019 Omaha, NE Ryan Lucero Claim
Sep-27-2019 Joplin, MO Lisa Curtis Claim
Oct-01-2019 Charlotte, NC Antoine Jabon Claim
Oct-02-2019 Raleigh, NC Kevin Carlton Claim
Oct-03-2019 Salt Lake City, UT Anna Fiorini Claim
Oct-08-2019 Green Bay, WI Alexxa Young Claim
Oct-08-2019 Davenport, IA Joshua Grundall Claim
Oct-08-2019 Concord (Hopkinton) , NH Ben Vaal Claim
Oct-08-2019 Provo (Spanish Fork) , UT Waylund Ludlow Claim
Oct-09-2019 Grand Junction, CO Greg Stowe Claim
Oct-09-2019 Madison (Deforest) , WI Matt Cochran Claim
Oct-09-2019 Bloomfield, NM Damain Hamilton Claim
Oct-09-2019 Boston (Hopkinton) , MA Teague Baker Claim
Oct-09-2019 Indianapolis, IN Brian Guess Claim
Oct-10-2019 Chicago (Bolingbrook) , IL Shawn Irwin Claim
Oct-10-2019 Albuquerque, NM Jessie Moore Claim
Oct-10-2019 Denver (Golden) , CO Brenna Hjelle Claim
Oct-10-2019 Toledo, OH Mathew Perko Claim
Oct-11-2019 Colorado Springs (Colorado Springs) , CO Brandon Tilley Claim
Oct-15-2019 St. Paul (Fridley) , MN Dustin McKean Claim
Oct-15-2019 Hartford (Rocky Hill) , CT David Torzillo Claim
Oct-16-2019 New York City (North Babylon) , NY Michael Alliegro Claim
Oct-16-2019 Charleston, WV Chris Sturgell Claim
Oct-17-2019 Newark (Morristown) , NJ David White Claim
Oct-18-2019 Philadelphia (Chesterbrook) , PA Luke Garner Claim
Oct-22-2019 Pueblo, CO Chris Barela Claim
Oct-22-2019 Grand Rapids (Walker) , MI Tyler Key Claim
Oct-22-2019 Albuquerque, NM John Zenker Claim
Oct-24-2019 Denver (Golden) , CO James Carls Claim
Oct-25-2019 Cheyenne, WY Johnny Pan Claim
Oct-25-2019 Detroit (Livonia) , MI Annette Lucas Claim
Oct-29-2019 Sioux City, IA Robyn Ullrich Claim
Oct-30-2019 Eau Claire (Eau Claire) , WI Lauren Evans Claim
Oct-30-2019 Cleveland (Parma) , OH Ben Mauch Claim
Oct-31-2019 Buffalo (Hamburg) , NY Nicholas Trippany Claim
Oct-31-2019 Lincoln, NE Cody Kinning Claim
Nov-01-2019 Kansas City (Independence) , MO Alan Tabb Claim
Nov-01-2019 Syracuse (Fayetteville) , NY Daniel Avery Claim
Nov-05-2019 St. Paul (Fridley) , MN Nathan Maen Claim
Nov-05-2019 Michigan City (Michigan City) , IN Kristin Bollerman Claim
Nov-06-2019 Des Moines (Clive) , IA Keaton Hulett Claim
Nov-06-2019 Chicago (Bolingbrook) , IL Eric Whitecotton Claim
Nov-07-2019 Louisville, KY Ron Green Claim