Your patronage and support have helped us become the fastest-growing smoke school program in the country. In an effort to show our appreciation, we will be having a $50 gift card drawing for each of our public smoke schools.

Registration in the drawing is easy and automatic - just register for any AeroMet public smoke school and pass the certification event. We will randomly draw a winner from each public smoke school event. The winner will be posted below within 7-10 days of the training event.  If your name is posted below, call or email to receive your $50 gift card.  The card is valid at all of the following restaurant chains:

Seasons 52
Red Lobster
Olive Garden
Longhorn Steakhouse
Bahama Breeze
Yard House

Date Location Gift Card Winner
Jul-25-2017 Tampa, FL Justin Tew Claim
Jul-26-2017 West Palm Beach (Lake Worth) , FL Jeffrey Brasseur Claimed
Jul-27-2017 Orlando, FL Nick Strevels Claim
Jul-28-2017 Gainesville (Alachua) , FL Erin Underwood Claim
Sep-06-2017 Hannibal, MO William Merida Claim
Sep-06-2017 Louisville, KY Rodney Hubbard Claim
Sep-06-2017 Columbia (Lexington) , SC Sam McLamb Claim
Sep-07-2017 Evansville (Evansville) , IN Dave Hartke Claim
Sep-07-2017 Roanoke (Salem) , VA Eric Sheetz Claimed
Sep-07-2017 Rolla, MO Charles Bacon Claimed
Sep-08-2017 Richmond (Varina) , VA Netra Karkee Claimed
Sep-08-2017 Springfield, MO April Brennan Claim
Sep-12-2017 Cleveland (Berea) , OH Matthew Hardwick Claim
Sep-12-2017 Little Rock, AR Kenneth Green Claim
Sep-13-2017 Columbus (Dublin) , OH Brian Harmon Claim
Sep-14-2017 Cincinnati, OH Jeff Finan Claimed
Sep-14-2017 Lexington, KY Kayce Gosney Claimed
Sep-14-2017 Magnolia, AR Mike Langley Claim
Sep-15-2017 Fort Smith, AR George Allen Claim
Sep-19-2017 Jonesboro, AR Mark Mangone Claimed
Sep-20-2017 Chicago (Bolingbrook) , IL Jorge Alcantar Claim
Sep-20-2017 St. Louis, MO Nathan Reitz Claim
Sep-20-2017 Sikeston, MO Linda Cox Claimed
Sep-21-2017 Jefferson City, MO Daniel Beckman Claim
Sep-21-2017 Rochester, MN Nick Korn Claim
Sep-21-2017 Milwaukee (South Milwaukee) , WI Brandon Navin Claim
Sep-21-2017 Festus, MO Fred Simily Claim
Sep-26-2017 Cartersville (Adairsville) , GA Melanie Krause Claim
Sep-26-2017 Mason City, IA Joel Evans Claim
Sep-27-2017 Augusta (Evans) , GA Mary Horton Claim
Sep-27-2017 Buffalo (Hamburg) , NY Robert Kolvek Claim
Sep-27-2017 St. Paul (New Brighton) , MN Shane Bredy Claim
Sep-27-2017 Omaha, NE JIana Alden Claim
Sep-28-2017 Perry, GA Chris Tanner Claim
Sep-28-2017 Des Moines (West Des Moines) , IA Jas Hupke Claim
Sep-28-2017 Syracuse (Fayetteville) , NY James Paye Claim
Sep-28-2017 Lincoln, NE Dan Mahloch Claim
Oct-03-2017 Joplin, MO Brent Wilkerson Claim
Oct-03-2017 Albany (Saratoga Springs) , NY Joe Krause Claim
Oct-03-2017 Topeka, KS Shane Kiersey Claim
Oct-03-2017 Toledo, OH Phillip Walker Claim
Oct-03-2017 Atlanta (Stockbridge) , GA Marco Talley Claim
Oct-04-2017 St. Joseph, MO Kevin Conant Claim
Oct-04-2017 Atlanta (Stockbridge) , GA Randy Ellis Claim
Oct-04-2017 Wichita, KS Haley Urban Claim
Oct-04-2017 Boston (Hopkinton) , MA Rich Lupien Claimed
Oct-04-2017 Grand Rapids (Walker) , MI Dawn Mobarak Claim
Oct-05-2017 Kansas City (Independence) , MO Shawn Davis Claim
Oct-05-2017 Savannah (Savannah) , GA Joe Walker Claim
Oct-05-2017 Concord (Hopkinton) , NH Frederick Heath Claim
Oct-05-2017 Chanute, KS Justin Smith Claim
Oct-06-2017 Savannah (Savannah) , GA David Lamb Claimed
Oct-10-2017 Hartford (Rocky Hill) , CT Ray Heyse Claim
Oct-10-2017 Tulsa, OK Craig Fox Claim
Oct-10-2017 Boise (Caldwell) , ID Jay Clark Claim
Oct-10-2017 Charlotte, NC Aaron Brite Claim
Oct-11-2017 Charleston, WV Carol Hoffman Claim
Oct-11-2017 Salt Lake City, UT Dane Murray Claim
Oct-11-2017 Denver (Golden) , CO Matthew Ferrier Claim
Oct-11-2017 New York City (North Babylon) , NY Brian Nee Claim